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The numerical control deep hole drilling machine has become the widely used machine tool equipment in all the major industries. Its super high performance has been widely accepted by the users. So, how much do you know about the outstanding advantages of the NC deep hole drilling machine, we will understand in detail:
1. High quality cast iron casting bed structure ensures that the machine tool has enough rigidity and strength, and its accuracy is good.
2. Honing spindle is driven by servo spindle motor, with high torque, high stability and stepless speed regulation.
3, the short specification workpiece adopts chain drive to realize reciprocating feed, and the long specification workpiece adopts precise oblique rack transmission, and the feed drive is stable.
4. The CNC system centrally controls the action instructions of the machine tools. The LCD display has the function of automatic circulation, and can be set to implement fixed point, quantitative and fixed distance honing. CNC system configuration can be selected (domestic or imported CNC).
5. During honing process, the grinding head keeps constant pressure to honing the inner wall of the hole, so as to achieve strong honing, and honing pressure can be set by honing and honing.
6, machine tools equipped with electrical parts, bearings, motors, and so on, all parts of the selection of famous brand products, so that the machine tool performance is stable, low failure rate.
The main advantages of the CNC deep hole drilling machine are these. We must make reasonable operation according to the instructions, so that the performance can be fully displayed. More information about the NC deep hole drilling machine will continue to be arranged for you and welcome to check in time.